All new dogs coming to Paws on Pingree must complete a short application, show all up to date vaccination and conduct a  scheduled temperament test at our facility.  Here are the three short steps to get your dog registered today:

  1. Application form: Complete these three short applications so we can get to know your dog better.
    1. Download/View: Dog & Owner Form.  
    2. Veterinary Release Form:  Veterinary Release form.  
    3. Waiver:  Release & Waiver Form
  2. Vaccination records: All new dogs require up to date vaccination records along with their application form. Please have records handy when applying so we can access your veterinarian in case of any medical questions.
  3. Temperament Test: Please stop by our daycare with your dog for a temperament test with a controlled setting.  This allows us to monitor all the dogs in our daycare to determine if they can socialize appropriately with other dogs.  All temperament tests must be scheduled, please call our facility to set up your temp test at 815-356-3955! 

Your dog can be enjoying free space, socialization and professional care today!  There are no reservations needed to complete this application process.


All dogs must have up to date vaccinations in order to enter the daycare.  Dogs over 1 year are to be spayed or neutered, no exceptions.  The records for up to date vaccinations needed are:

  • Bordetella – aka Kennel Cough –  6 or 12 months (as required by your veterinarian)
  • Rabies – 1 year, 3 years
  • Distemper vaccination

Please note the following rules and regulations to ensure your pet has a safe and enjoyable experience at Paws on Pingree:

  • All dogs attending our daycare must have appropriate leash and collar while entering the lobby. We will keep the leash stored while your dog plays and return the leash with your dog when you return.  Keeping your leash labeled with your dog’s name is recommended for quick and easy identification when picking up your dog.
  • For overnight stays, owner provided food is required. We prefer if you prepackage meals into individual zip lock bags (1 baggie per meal). Clearly indicate feeding instructions to us and please only bring the amount of food required for your stay.

Please call us at 815-356-3955 for any additional questions or to see if your dog qualifies!